Megadeth UK are the definitive tribute to Megadeth throughout Europe if not the World!


Megadeth UK was formed in December 2007 by Richie and Darryl when their previous band disbanded.  Both have been watching Megadeth since 1987 and are dedicated to bringing Megadeth’s music to the masses of the UK, Europe and beyond.  The spark that ignited this new musical venture was Megadeth’s live cd from the 1990 Clash of the Titans Tour which showcased the fierce thrash and full on attitude that is real Megadeth.



The next task was to recruit 2 young thrashers who had the musical talent but also the passion that the band required. It only took a month of advertising to find the right people in the form of Luke and Russ – on lead guitar and bass.


Megadeth UK Tribute Live


As of September 2014 we have a new lead guitarist..Mr Stuart Pendergast who has given the band a real lift. The set list that has been put together will now reflect the classic era of Megadeth from Killing is My Business…through to Countdown to Extinction. The set also features songs from Youthanasia and every album up to their latest, Super Collider.  The set will also feature B-Sides and selective album tracks thrown in to keep the Droogies happy.  What you will witness is the ultimate live Megadeth experience!